Mission and Vision


For Daridibó the chimpanzee population of West Africa has the right to live and thrive in its original habitat. The present threats to its survival need to be warded off. To achieve this, is of global interest and a shared responsibility between the world community and the local population.


Our mission is to establish the Boé area in Guinea Bissau as a sustainable community based protected area.

Concrete activities we use to achieve our goals include:

  1. Protection for the sacred forests in the other parts of the Boé.
  2. Monitoring the chimpanzee population and combat of poaching.
  3. Education and training of guards in order to protect the chimpanzee and its habitat.
  4. Awareness raising among the local people in the Boé.
  5. Provision of information for the government and other important actors.
  6. Investment in ecotourism.
  7. Protection against wild fires
  8. Development of alternative income generation for local communities that is supportive of our objectives.
  9. Stimulating scientific research that supports our objectives.
  10. Supporting aluminium certification for responsible bauxite mining.