Misubab ProjectResults

The long term results of the MISUBAB-project are still visible in the Boé:

– Platform Horizontal

Platform meetings are being held regularly for stakeholders to meet and discuss the needs of the Boé and actions that should be taken to make its future sustainable. These “horizontal” platforms bring together the stakeholders at the local Boé level (local communities, local authorities, the mining firm, national NGOs with a Boé-programme). This platform is supported by physical structures like the Casa Daribó as a place where trainings can be given and communication equipment for the local radio.

– Radio emissions

Daily radio messages are on the air in which the values of chimpanzee and nature conservation are discussed, usually with the participation of local leaders.

– Solar centre

In 2011 the first solar plant was installed in Béli (the capital of the Boé region). Next to the fact that this means a reliable and renewable form of energy for the radio station (instead of the diesel used before), this solar plant also offers electricity 24/7 for our computers, batteries and light in the offices of Chimbo and Daridibó. A second and third solar plant provides power to a water pump for drinking water and to the Casa Daridibó.

– Research

Misubab Project

Julia van der Hoeven studied the socio-economic damage of the road construction in the Boé that was started in order to facilitate bauxite mining. She interviewed locals in two villages the nearest to the road. The main results show clearly that the villages could use development, specifically improved health care, education and transport.

But it is not only positivism that was found in the villages. The main concern of the respondents is damage to their fields and orchards. Furthermore people need information on the plans. They were hardly able to have an opinion a future with a mine in their neighbourhood, because they did not really know what bauxite mining is. Daridibó helps them to prepare to take part in the dialogue with the government and the mining company.