Misubab Project


Between 2010 and 2014 Daridibó executed a project named MISUBAB, when  the plans for development of a bauxite mine became public. The main goal of the MISUBAB project was to enable sustainable development of this mine.

This project was financed by the European Union and Chimbo.

Daridibó has cooperated with Chimbo in the execution of the MISUBAB project.


The construction of an access road and a deep-sea port near the town of Buba for this future bauxite mine had been started without an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment as required by the national legislation. Severe and avoidable environmental impacts can already be observed, such as illegal hunting and destruction of rare primary forest sometimes even for incorrectly constructed and therefore already abandoned feeder roads. The population has not been compensated for the destruction of wells and orchards.

Misubab Project

Negative leftovers

Experiences with mining in other parts of the world have learned that often the benefits of mining go to outsiders, while the resident population is confronted with the negative leftovers of social disruption and a devastated resource base.

Share in positive developments

This project and the ongoing activities after the finalization of the project, are meant to strengthen the position of the local Fula communities in such a way, that they will receive a fair share in the positive developments of bauxite mining, while at the same time conserving their resource base and protecting their local societies by strengthening the social coherence. Such a development can only be ensured if all stakeholders can interact on a basis of equity.