Eco tourism

Thanks to the support of the MAVA foundation, Chimbo in cooperation with Daridibo has been able to initiate the MAVA-project in the Boé


The MAVA project is focused on the development of ecotourism in the Boé region. The main focus of the project will be to attract ecovolunteers. The reason for this is that the Boé area is remote and local people do not have any experience with tourism at all. It is a big challenge for them to be trained in dealing with tourists and learning lauguages. But the most important reason to choose to develop ecovolunteer tourism first is the return on investments and results, both financially and in the field of conservation. In general they accept basic accommodation, are interested in local culture, want to experience wilderness and do seek experiences different from those to be found in the developed world.

Income for local people

People in the communities of the Boé will be closely involved in the ecotourist programme. It provides an alternative source of income for them. If people in the Boé area benefit from the tourism, and in that way indirectly from their environment and its biodiversity they will care more about it an

Culturele festiviteiten

d help us make sure that it stays intact.  So the area and its flora and fauna will profit from this situation, as will the local people.

The programme

For ecovolunteers a programme is being set up that will serve the nature conservation and improve the well being of the local population. Examples of the work volunteers can do are:

  • Participating in the field research (for example collecting samples for genetic reseach, analyzing data op trap camera’s, count chimpanzee nests etc.)
  • Assisting in the environment house and the radio (for example develop new exhibitions, give environmental fiels training to basic school kids, prepare nature lessons for basic school teachers etc.)

But it can also be work that is not directly related to conservation:

  • Assisting in the village on constructing works
  • Teaching (language courses and computer courses)
  • Teaching children (language and drawing)

See the result

Our aim in this project is that the volunteers will see some result of their own work during their stay and in general see how the work of ecovolunteers is used for the benefit of nature conservation and improvement of the well being of local people. This will motivate the volunteers as well as the local communities.

Become an ecovolunteer

Do you have questions about the ecovulunteer programme, or do you want to becom an ecovolunteer in the Boé?
Get in contact with us for more information.