The kinship between humans and chimpanzees is very close. Humans and chimpanzees differ genetically only 1,24 %. The difference between chimpanzees and gorillas is 1,63 %. Chimpanzees are closer relatives of humans than of other great apes.

Declining population

It is estimated that the West-African chimpanzee population has declined with 75 % in the last 30 years. One of the causes is the disappearance of the forests (i.e. because of agriculture and cattle breeding) in which they live. Another cause is the catching and killing of chimpanzees. Hunting on chimpanzees is prohibited by law in all West-African countries. But enforcing this law is in many countries difficult because of lack of control. Luckily Boé  has become an exception: chimpanzees hunting for the pet-market has stopped, while killing by farmers is not accepted by the local community and has stopped after  a farmer had been severely punished by the Government.